Demanding jaw surgery and traditional dental care at Pohjola Hospital

Pohjola Hospital offers demanding jaw surgery, implant procedures and occlusion rehabilitation in the Dental Clinic.  

Our specialist dentists perform demanding mouth and jaw surgical and prosthesis procedures. In addition, our services cover basic dental care and dental hygienist services.

Modern digital imaging has remarkably improved the diagnostics in dental care and patient safety. We are specialized in taking X-rays of the teeth and jaw area as well as the paranasal sinuses. High-quality imaging together with the clinicians’ proven skills helps out in swift diagnosis and treatment decisions.

We have a lot of experience with customers suffering from dental fear. We have at our disposal all the means to mitigate pain and anxiety in dental care as well as in surgical procedures. Together with the customer, we choose the best method for him/her during the treatment. Both parties benefit from abating pain and fear: the welfare of the patient and the smooth running of the procedures increase. Fear and pain can be abated with intravenous medication, i.e. sedation, or alternatively by general anaesthesia.

At the Dental Clinic, we take care of patients sent by insurance companies, dentists and physicians as well as those who come on their own. You can set up an appointment by calling 020 728 0460.